Training and development programs at workbuzz.

Training and development programs at workbuzz are designed to develop six key skills.
  • Confidence Building
  • Art Of Attraction
  • Dress Code & Etiquette

  • Body Language
  • Behavior
  • Communication skill

Whats New In Our Training Programs

  • Profile Based Training

    Training programs aim at forming professionals who have the complete know-how of the management process and are not just trained in the realm of finance, marketing, and human resources management, etc but are also trained to give them expertise on specific profiles.

  • Technical Training

    Technical training refers to training which is focused on teaching the employees how to use particular technology and machine required for a job. Meaning the hard skills that employees require to perform employers for better hirings..

  • Skill training

    Skills training is defined as training given to employees to help them perform their job tasks with maximum efficiency. And training them to gain the knowledge and abilities essential for full filling the requirements of their job e.g. a customer service executive will be taught how to handle customers on call.

  • Soft Skill training

    Soft skill training includes personality development, being welcoming and professional to clients, training to deal with sexual harassment, making a presentation, personality development, raising rapports on how to speak in front of Hr, voice modulation and tone pitching and comm skills set.

  • Professional Training

    Professional training is a process of teaching workings related to a certain profession to the trainees and also training them on how to behave in a professional atmosphere, basic etiquettes of the workplace, treating everyone in a proper manner, and other skills required to become a team player.

  • Interview Preparation

    Interview preparation:- interview preparation is a process in which we teach candidates how to crack interviews by designing training programs as per the industry and profile of the candidates.

Training and development

Training and development are some of the essential parts of human resource management training is that part where employees are taught technical skills related to their jobs it focuses on educating employees on how to do practical work with more efficiency. On the other hand, development means the overall growth of a person from education to maturity of an individual at a managerial position the exercise of development is in relation to efficiency, attitude, versatility, headship, and human connections. Technical training:- technical training is that part of training which focuses on teaching the employees how to use particular technology and machines as a tech company we are intending to introduce the following courses in our training.

.NET Framework

.Net framework is a software development framework for developing and running apps on windows dot net framework is a branch of .net platform, a group of technologies for developing apps for Linux, windows, ios, android and more.

C#: In our training our experts teach non-experienced people how to develop solutions and applications using In this training, we focus on teaching the fundamentals of C# programming in visual studios and using .net framework.

JavaScript: JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language that is mostly used with HTML and CSS to create a robust, dynamic, and interactive experience for users. having knowledge of this language will help you get employed at high pay.

Jquery: Jquery is an open-source library for javascript designed for the purpose of simplifying dom-manipulation jquery has element selection, dom traversal, animation and server-side code calling In our training well teach you how to work with jquery and how you can use its features for creating an awesome website.

HTML: Html is a markup language for presenting and structuring Elements over a webpage our Html training will help you create dynamic and static sites as we are intended too offer you all-round knowledge about HTML from features, elements and attributes to the fundamentals of HTML.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is an art of creating visual content to communicate your message through the medium of visuals using visual hierarchy, page layout skill, typography, and images to match the users’ expectations and aiming at the logic of portraying elements in collective to level up the user experience. In our training for graphic designing, we are offering basic to advance level training for tools like adobe illustrator, WordPress, and photoshop.

Adobe illustrator is a premium application used for generating vector visuals for digital or print. illustrator is an application developed along with photoshop and today illustrator is the Number one choice of graphic designers for creating logos, graphics, comics, fonts, and more.

WordPress is an opensource online website creation tool developed in PHP. it is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system or cms existing today’s times

Photoshop is an application used predominantly for editing and retouching pictures for use on Windows and macOS computer systems. Photoshop enables people to create, enhance, and edit photos hence it is the most trusted and used photo editing software out there.


Robotic process automation or (RPA) is the technology used for configuring computer software or robot to emulate and amalgamate actions of humans interacting with digital systems for executing business processes as the RPA software uses the user interface to manipulate applications as same as human do hence they don’t do mistakes.

In our training UI path will be taught to you by our IT experts.

Software Testing

Software Testing is an activity of checking whether the results are matching up to the expectations and for ensuring that a software system is free of defects it involves the implementation of a system Component to assess properties of interest and helps identify errors, gaps or missing requirements. Software testing can be done manually or using automated tools in simple terms.

Software Testing in simple words is the verification of application under test (AUT). In our training for software testing our software expert Satyendra will train our trainees in operating(selenium) and carry on automation testing.

Automation Testing is an automated method where a tester writes scripts and uses appropriate software to test Software. It’s an automated method for the manual process. Automation testing is mostly used for testing applications from Performance, load, and stress point of view.

Selenium Testing is an online opensource automation tool used for automation of browsers and other web applications.

Manual Testing is an online opensource automation tool used for automation of browsers and other web applications. Manual Testing is a type of software testing where testers manually carry out test cases without using any automation tool for the process. Manual testing is the most basic way of testing which helps in debugging software systems. Manual testing is an essential part of software tests without this process no automated testing can be done. Manual testing training will be given to you by our IT expert.

Web Framework

A web framework is a software framework application Which is designed to assist in the development of web application such as web services, web resources, and web APIs. Web framework gives a standard way to create web applications on the World wide web. In our web framework training, our trainees would be taught angular and React web framework.

Angular is an online open-source typescript based web application framework.

React is a javascript library for creating a user interface.


API or application programming interface is a computing interface to a software system that defines how other components can utilize it elaborates the kinds of calls or requests that can be done, how to create them, the data formats to be used and conventions to follow. All this about API would be taught to our trainees during the training.

How To Develop Your Personality?

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